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At 'Film Focus Wales' we give people from our communities opportunities to be actively involved in a wide variety of creative film and visual arts projects from the more serious 'issues based' subjects right through to drama, horror and comedy and everything else in between.  

Film Focus Wales originally came about in a conversation between Nigel M Streeter and Andrew Davies. It was originally set up as an inter-generational project but they saw that there was a real need and opportunity to have a positive and meaningful impact on the growing issues of loneliness, disengagement and isolation of many older people in Wales. 

Film Focus Wales seeks to harness the excitement of film making and visual arts. We plan film-making get togethers, interactive acting sessions, events and educational workshops where folks get to meet with others, learn with and from each other and having the freedom and encouragement to create anything and everything that interests or excites them. Our aim is to stimulate minds and imaginations, develop skills for life and give them reason to be proud of their creative achievements.

'Film Focus Wales' is set up as an Incorporated 'not for profit' Community Group run by and for it's members and not in any way on behalf of a company or corporate body. No one is paid a weekly wage to run the group and it is FREE for people to get involved.

This volunteer structure is only possible due to the much appreciated help and support of the iconic 'Wales Millennium Centre' located in Cardiff Bay and our partners and supporters at The Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund, The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Wales Millennium Stadium Trust and The Gwanwyn Festival, and also collaborators at Age Cymru, Age Connects, Woody's Lodge, Bro Radio 98.1fm, Digital Technology Wales, The British Red Cross, Fritz Streets Films, Cwtch Cymru, The Wales Co-operative Centre, Community Connect Media and The Porthcawl Museum and  Historic Society.

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The Group will be actively seeking further partnerships and co-producers for future projects.

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