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At 'Film Focus Wales' we seek to harness the excitement of film making and visual arts by giving people from our communities opportunities to be actively involved in a variety of creative projects.  

Film Focus Wales came about in a conversation between Nigel M Streeter and Andrew Davies. It was originally set up as an inter-generational project bringing together what we think is that magical marriage of mature experience and youthful energy.  There is undoubtedly huge value in people from all ages, backgrounds and circumstances getting involved but we also saw that there was a particular need and opportunity to help to have a positive and meaningful impact on the growing issues of loneliness, disengagement and isolation of many of our older people in Wales. 


We have been making films and are planning get-togethers, interactive acting sessions, events and educational workshops where folks get to meet with others and learn with and from each other. We encourage them to create anything and everything that interests or excites them. Our aim is to stimulate minds and imaginations, develop skills for life and give them reason to be genuinely proud of their creative achievements.

'Film Focus Wales' is set up as an Incorporated 'not for profit' Community Group run by and

for it's members. No one is paid a weekly wage to run the group and it is FREE for people to get involved.

This volunteer structure is only possible due to the much appreciated help and support from our partners and collaborators including the iconic 'Wales Millennium Centre' located in Cardiff Bay, The Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund, The National Lottery Heritage Fund, The Wales Millennium Stadium Trust, The Gwanwyn Festival, Age Cymru, Woody's Lodge, Bro Radio, Digital Technology Wales, The British Red Cross, Fritz Streets Films, Cwtch Cymru, The Wales Co-operative Centre, Community Connect Media and The Porthcawl Museum and  Historic Society.

If you want to be a Hollywood megastar or make million dollar movies then Film Focus Wales, being a voluntary community group, is almost certainly not for you.  But, if you love meeting and interacting with other people, are willing to throw in your energy and enthusiasm, have a passion for creating, then getting together with us folks could well be right up your strasse.   

Our Mission

In simple terms 'Film Focus Wales' is all about creating and learning and by far most importantly, having some fun.

We believe that, given the chance, everyone has a story to tell and something positive to offer. 

We seek to create opportunities for people who share our passion for 'moving pictures' and 'visual stuff' (which is probably most of us to be honest ain't it?) to get out and get it done. 



Our Goal

We are a Wales based Voluntary Community Film and Creative Arts Group. 

Our goal is to use the power of creative arts to Educate, Entertain and Empower via film making and other visual arts projects. 

We aspire to develop working relationships with local community groups, charities, businesses and individuals on projects which enable our and their team members to have a voice.


Whether the subject matter is serious or maybe more light hearted they will get a real chance to explore the issues that are important to them.

Our Beliefs

We are not 'Rocket Scientists' or 'Re-inventors of the Wheel' and the motivation and driving force behind this Social Enterprise project is a simple desire 'to do good'.


No one is ever really made to be 'the one thing' we are all a mixture of many elements so we seek to create opportunities for people from diverse circumstances, ages, backgrounds, finances and abilities to engage with new people, have fun and promote and support each others aspirations.


Everything we do is about creating and bolstering self confidence by being productive together.

Our Projects are planned to be enjoyable outlets where members can actively engage with like minded people and make their positive contributions towards their own development and that of others.


Meet The Team

(The FFW Management Board Members) 

Andrew Davies


Nigel M Streeter


Grace Dixon


 Fritz O'Skennick

Board Member

Indu Vasnani 

Board Member

Nick Long

Board Member

David Singh

Board Member

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