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We all subscribe to what we refer to as "Creating Better Lives" which is all about our group working with and for each other to provide opportunities and support for people in our communities to flourish, grow and ultimately 'be the very best that they can be'. 


'Film Focus Wales' is NOT and has no desire to be a professional film production company. But, if you share our excitement and passion for working in film making and the visual arts as part of a team to tell stories, to educate, entertain and empower people, we could well be right up your strasse.  As a voluntary community group we will not be creating blockbuster movies or Broadway mega stars any time soon. So, if you crave huge wealth, global fame and a stellar career in Hollywood movies then we would guess that this just might not be the group for you.

Many of the people in our group acknowledge our good fortune in life and now have developed a shared desire to 'give something back' to those who maybe have had less opportunity or been a little less fortunate.

FFW actively promotes the positive benefits of being a multi generational group and we don't really care what age you are or about your circumstances or background. We welcome anyone with a genuine desire and enthusiasm to be creative and get involved. We saw there was a definite 'gap in the market' for a non commercial voluntary group catering for people who had the desire but not necessarily the means to organise themselves and get on with making films and telling their stories. But, having done our 'homework' it became fairly obvious that one group of people that are often less well served than some others and need our help are the older people in our communities.  It was decided that we would work to provide the means to help this particular group to enhance or regain their self confidence and develop their personal and professional skills and abilities.


Why older people? Well, it is now widely accepted that loneliness, disengagement and isolation are very real and growing problems that can devastate many lives among various members of our population. These problems come about and gradually get worse due to a wide range of issues which can include the death of a loved one, mental or physical health issues, being 'left behind' by the modern world, change in lifestyle or finances or a gradual loss of confidence. We aim to be preventative and to actively intervene before people reach crisis point. 

This is what some organisations who deal with it have to say:



“In almost every country, the proportion of people aged over 55 is growing faster than any other age group as a result of both longer life expectancy and declining fertility rates. It challenges society to adapt, in order to maximise the health and functional capacity of older people as well as their social participation” (Public Health Network Cymru)  


“Most people will feel lonely at some point in their lives … for a growing number of people; particularly those in later life, loneliness can define their lives and have a significant impact on their wellbeing” (Age Cymru)


At 'Film Focus Wales' we really do believe that, given the chance, everyone has something positive to offer. We create opportunities for people who share our passion for 'moving pictures' (which is probably most of us to be honest aint it?) to get out and tell their stories and to learn with and from each other. In simple terms 'Film Focus Wales' is 'all about creating, learning and having fun'.

'Film Focus Wales' will change and develop as it grows. We do have people onboard with substantial experience in many strands of business and public life so we all pride ourselves in being very professional in how we present ourselves and how we go about our business.

We are not 'Rocket Scientists' or 'Re-inventors of the Wheel' in what we do and the motivation and real driving force behind this Social Enterprise project is a simple desire to do good. We seek to create opportunities for people from diverse circumstances, backgrounds, finances and abilities to engage with new people, have fun and promote and support each others aspirations. Everything we do is about creating and bolstering self confidence by being productive together.                                      

Our Projects are planned to be enjoyable outlets where members can actively engage with like minded people and make their positive contributions towards their own development and that of others.


As our member Lorna O'Leary (pictured above, right) says "This really is a fantastic idea. Come on, let's do it"

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