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The two things that you definitely need to bring above all else are 'energy and enthusiasm'. 


As a Wales based Voluntary Community Film and Creative Arts Group (bit of a mouthful eh) our goal is to use the power and excitement of creative mediums to Educate, Entertain and Empower.  


We have been developing working relationships with local community groups, charities, businesses and individuals on projects which enable our and their team members to have a voice and have a real chance to explore the issues that are important to them.

Here are some suggestions how you could get involved:

Join our meet ups

We do our best to have regular meet ups, usually at The Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay. These get togethers are all about ideas and about working to get 'stuff' done.  

Tell your  Story

Everyone has a story to tell, it is all about finding the way to tell it. Quite often different things are important to different people but we all share a need to express ourselves.

Develop your Script

Do you want to work with others to develop your story?

'Random thoughts' are ten a penny, but good ideas worked up into a 'doable' format really can be like finding a diamond in the rough. 



You don't need loads of experience to get involved. But you most certainly will need to bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to be generous in working with others. 

Support our Aims

We are a bit like those Musketeers in many ways. We really like the idea of

"All for one and one for all".

Get yourself involved but be prepared to give as much as you take. 

'Film Focus Wales' have developed working partnerships with 

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Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can contact us about getting involved:


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