"It's Okay to Say"

'It's Okay to Say'

Nigel M Streeter talks about the simple but oh so important idea behind 'It's Okay to Say' and how it can free you up to take that first small step on your longer journey to positive mental wellbeing.

   'IT'S OKAY TO SAY' is the name of our ongoing Mental Health and Wellbeing Film Project.

We are very pleased that this project is actively supported by Roger Burnell, TV Producer and Managing Director of 'It's My Shout' Productions and 'The Bridgend Youth' Theatre and as a "Supporter from afar" by Actor, Author and Mental Health Campaigner, Stephen Fry.


We aspire to help people see the positive benefits of getting involved in the wonderful world of film making and story telling. We use this 'Creative Therapy' as a positive means to positive  end. This concept, in large part, started off specifically talking about mental health wellbeing but is now being expanded to actively promote what we refer to as the '3C's' which are 'Competence, Confidence and Communication'. 


Regarding mental health wellbeing, everyone has their own very personal version of 'normal' and our message is a simple but very important one that if you are not feeling well or things seem to be a little bit odd and you recognise that your version of normality might be going off track or a bit wobbly, then don't suffer in silence and remain confused or afraid, tell someone that you trust and get the help you deserve. We say that is the small but vital first step on your journey to being as well as you can be.   

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