Current and upcoming projects

'Robinson Croeso'

Currently being produced by Nigel M Streeter and Fritz O'Skennick is a light hearted tale of some strange goings on and an island encounter with a mysterious and apparently very impressive 'man of the woods'.


By Nat Pearse will be a short film based upon the poem 'Ozymandias' written in 1818 by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)

The poem tells of 'King Ozymandias' and his meeting with a Traveller and others.  


'Don't Go'

Being produced by James Reynolds, is a short film where a young man encounters what appears to be a dip into the interference of time.

A piece of very useful information is followed by more disturbing revelations.    

'Beyond Our Mortal Coil'

Being produced by Winnie Finesse, is going to be an interview series about the paranormal, unexplained, strange and unusual, extraterrestrial and anything which is beyond our mortal coil. Covering personal stories, experiences and beliefs with a view to sharing individuals' stories with a wider audience.

The interviews will be presented in brighter, more enlightening, positive and colourful ways than the usual portrayals of paranormal experience, 

The purpose is for people to share their stories that would very likely otherwise not be shared and also open up people's awareness of others beliefs or perhaps find solace that other people share their beliefs. 

'Thursday Friends'

Nigel M Streeter is well into the process of writing a new script for a short film to be called 'Thursday Friends' which looks at the distinctly under publicised, but very important issues surrounding the 'Mate Crime' aimed at vulnerable people in our communities.

It highlights how these people can be targeted and abused by those that purport to be their 'friends' and looks at what others can do to lessen its impact or to help to prevent these things from happening.


'Conchies' ...'World War 1 - Then and Now'

(The project has had to be postponed because of Covid pandemic having made it impossible to finish as originally planned, we will resume as soon as is possible)

Our World War One educational film project 'Conchies' (Produced and Directed by Nigel M Streeter) looks at how Conscientious Objectors were viewed then and now looking back a century later and also the dreadful effects of bloody warfare on men's mental welfare.

Filming was well under way for the 'retro' (1918) scenes in Porthcawl and some scenes for the more modern (2018) scenes have been shot in Penarth and Cardiff.


Is 'The Frobisher Household' all is not as it seems. 'Benji' is the intriguing story of one mature man becoming increasingly gripped by his rapid descent into his own strange world of illogical obsession.

Just as interesting as discovering the 'What' of Benji's behaviour we also find the curious 'Why' of how it came about.   


'The Veil'

Nat Pearse (Director) and John Rees (Producer) have now finished their short film 'The Veil'.

The story revolves around a mature woman having to deal with her thoughts and feelings after a significant change in her personal life. Has she been permanently altered by life's circumstance? Is it too late to put things right?


'The Letter of John Duesbery'

A music video based upon a World War One soldiers letter home from The Western Front.

To be made by Guto Thomas (Producer) and Oliver Biggs (DOP).

Most of the pre-production work had been completed but shooting has to be postponed for now due to the Coronavirus situation. WATCH THIS SPACE !!!


'Taffman - Return of the Josher'

Fritz O'Skennick and Nigel M Streeter will be producing (on behalf of the FFW Group and Fritz Streets Films) the first of three planned episodes in the ongoing saga of the Welsh Supa'ero ... 'Taffman - The First Welsh Avenger'.

In 'Taffman - Return of the Josher' our Celtic saviour will endeavour once again to ensure that little boys and girls all over Wales can sleep safe and sound in their beds at night by putting that dastardly jocular, jumping japer 'The Josher' back in his box ... 

"Good luck to you Taffman our hero, we are depending on you"

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