Conchies'  World War 1 - Then and Now

We are very pleased to be able to announce the support of 'The Heritage Lottery Fund' (now renamed 'The National Lottery Heritage Fund') for our World War One educational film project 'Conchies' (Produced/Directed by Nigel M Streeter) looking at how Conscientious Objectors were viewed then and now looking back a century later and also the dreadful effects of bloody warfare on men's mental welfare. 

Filming is under way for the 1918 'retro' scenes and we are also getting busy with planning the educational workshops which are to be an integral element of this educational project. 

'Taffman - Return of the Josher'

Fritz O'Skennick and Nigel M Streeter will be producing (on behalf of the FFW Group and Fritz Streets Films) the first of three planned episodes in the ongoing saga of the Welsh Supa'ero ... 'Taffman - The First Welsh Avenger'.

In 'Taffman - Return of the Josher' our Celtic saviour will endeavour once again to ensure that little boys and girls all over Wales can sleep safe and sound in their beds at night by putting the dastardly jocular, japer 'The Josher' back in his box ...                                      "Good luck Taffman, we are depending on you" 

'Thursday Friends'

One of our FFW group script writers has written a script for a short film to be called 'Thursday Friends' which looks at the distinctly under publicised issues surrounding the 'Mate Crime' that occurs in our communities.

It highlights how vulnerable people can be targeted and abused by those that purport to be their 'friends' and looks at what others can do to lessen its impact or to help to prevent these things from happening. 

'The Veil'

Nat Pearse (Director) and John Rees (Producer) have now finished shooting footage for their short film 'The Veil'. The story revolves around an older female character having to deal with her thoughts and feelings after a significant change in her personal life. We shall say no more at the mo or we might just be straying into 'spoiler alert' territory.  More news to follow !!! 

'The Letter of John Duesbery'

Oliver Biggs will be producing a music video based upon a World War One soldiers letter home from The Western Front. Most of the pre-production work is done and it is planned to start filming on location in about March 2020. 

Completed Projects 

  'Bolder Olders'

  ("It's not all about the big stuff")

We are very pleased to say that, as part two of this inspirational older peoples' project, we have finished our film 'Bolder Olders' (supported by the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust)

This is a film that looks at a variety of older people in our communities actively pursuing their personal goals and ambitions in many way and at many levels. As it says in the title above, it's most certainly "Not all about the big stuff" but it IS very much about the joy of personal achievement and the real feeling of self worth and enhanced confidence.

'Keener Seniors'

Our short documentary film project 'Keener Seniors' (supported by Gwanwyn Festival Fund) Is the first part of this two part project which is our contribution to trying to steer people away from the devastating paths of loneliness and isolation in later life. It looks at inspirational older people in our communities who, either through circumstance or desire, actively pursue their dreams, passions and ambitions later in life. 



   Digital Memory Boxes/IPad Film Making Workshops

Our 'Digital Memory Box' film was made in collaboration with the veterans from 'Woody's Lodge'.

The project is a first effort to work with them to help some of their members who are or have experienced various mental health issues including Memory Loss and Dementia. These visual records will help to give them useful and personal information to hang on to at a potentially very distressing time in their lives.

In the coming weeks we hope to be working with Woody's again to run workshops for their members around how they can use relatively inexpensive kit like IPads, IPhones and Mac Books to shoot and edit films and tell their stories.      

'The Ballad of Uncle Stan'

'Fritz Streets Films' and 'Film Focus Wales' produced the comedy music video 'The Ballad of Uncle Stan' on behalf of 'Fractured Persona'. It tells the story of a seriously deluded man who has some 'issues' with his long suffering wife. She eventually has had enough, decides it is time to take control and sort it all out once and for all.   


A short documentary about 'Creative Therapy' in Mental Health

Directed by Nigel M Streeter  

Produced by Fritz O'Skennick and Nigel M Streeter


Inspired’ is a documentary produced by ‘Fritz Streets Films’ in partnership with 'Film Focus Wales'. It talks about the value of ‘Creative Therapy’ and how it can help people deal positively with certain types of mental ill health. 

It's a tale of one man’s real life personal experience about how he became and remains positively energised by keeping his mind occupied by participating in a variety of creative activities such as film making, music, poetry and story telling. It shows how he has used it's positive affects to enable him to come off all prescribed anti psychotic medication.

The film has already had excellent feedback from countries around the world via social media especially from mental health sufferers (and quite curiously from quite a number of people in the United States) who tell us that they have been personally motivated by it and from organisations and individuals who deal with disability issues.

We made this 'passion project' film because we believe it is an important message that needs to be out there and we realised that, as Fritz O'Skennick is one of the main people involved in Fritz Streets Films and Film Focus Wales the subject matter was sitting in plain sight in front of our noses. We believe it is not only an engaging human interest story but it offers some valuable information and motivation and has the real potential to help some people who struggle with mental ill health.

'Heart of the Moon' 

(A Forest Fairytale)

Directed and Produced by Nigel M Streeter

Written by Fritz ‘O’Skennick and Nigel M Streeter

Filmed by Fritz ‘O’Skennick and John Rees


Heart of the Moon’ was the first real collaborative project between 'Fritz Streets Films’ and 'Film Focus Wales'.

This fantasy poetry film is told in the style of a silent movie forest fairytale. A sort of hybrid between early German Cinema and Silent Movies. This story is not of any time or place but is a story about all times and about all places.   

’Moon’ needs to know what it is that ails her and what is missing from her life. She wishes upon a star and comes down to Earth to find the one thing that she craves to make her whole.


Along the way she encounters the good (Doll, Clown and Professor) and the bad (Crow, Death and Devil) of this world. But finally her search is at an end and she discovers the one simple but essential thing that can fulfil and complete all our lives.

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