Sight and Sound

Our collection of projects in film, radio and music created by our community members. 

''Bolder Olders'
A short documentary about mature people in our communities actively pursuing their passions and fulfilling many of their dreams in later in life.

A short 'talking heads' film highlighting the real  benefits of how 'Creative Therapy' can be used to help with promoting positive mental wellbeing

'Into Exile' -A Veterans Tale 
'The dramatised storty of Falkland War Veteran 'Bulldog' and his post conflict struggle to get back to what had previously been his 'normal' life. 
'Heart of The Moon' (A Forest Fantasy)
A fantast fairytale by FritzStreets Films & Film Focus Wales which tells the story of how 'Moon' finally found the one great thing that her heart most desires.
'The New Normal'
whimsical little ditty looking at how our attitudes and behaviour have changed due to living through the decidedly strange times of the Covid Pandemic
'The People of Woody's Lodge' 
Some of the Woody's Lodge military veterans talk about their real life experiences and how those things have shaped some of their subsequent views on life.
'This is Who I Am' 
'Community Connect Media UK'& ''Film Focus Wales' address the stereotypes and stigmas that often attach themselves to peoples' perception of Schizophrenia.  
'The Veil'
Abi’s resentment towards her dead husband allows an evil spirit to enter her life. A mysterious messenger tries to warn her, but can the veil of delusion be lifted, before it’s too late?
'Finding Pasarro'
In that 2019 pre Covid world we visited Kelly at home to shoot some 'presenter' introductory pieces for our 'Bolder Older' project about inspirational older people in our communities.
'The Ballad of Uncle Stan'
A comedy music video for Fractured Persona by FritzStreets Films & Film Focus Wales  featuring the song 'Her Vaj Looks Like a Sad Old Man' (CONTAINS ADULT THEMES)
'Murder Most Foul' (Radio Play) 
Fritz Streets Radio present an old time radio play based on a poem by Fritz O’Skennick. One blustery night a murder at the manor house opens up a real can of worms. 
'Taffman - Illegal Alien'
Our own Welsh Supa'ero , Taffman -The First Welsh Avenger, 
with the help of his personal Guru 'The Grand Leek', detects then protects a pale skinned extraterrestrial visitor to Wales.      
'Coro Rona Virus'
Fritz treets Films & Film Focus Wales present a decidedly  tongue in cheek song by 'Fractured Persona' looking at how our lives had and have been affected by 'that' virus
'Keener Seniors'
Was the precursor as part of the 'It's Okay to Say' Project to 'Bolder Olders' promoting how activity in older age can be so beneficial in promoting good physical and mental wellbeing.

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