What we do

We are a Wales based Voluntary Community Film and Visual Arts Production Group. Our goal is to use the power of film making to Educate, Entertain and Empower whilst creating  informative film and visual arts projects.  We aspire to develop working relationships with local community groups, charities, businesses and individuals on projects which enable our and their team members to have a voice. Whether the subject matter is serious or maybe more light hearted they will get a real chance to explore the issues that are important to them.

We directly and indirectly help to address and deal with some of those issues.  Our projects are divided into two distinct parts; the Process and the Product. 

In simple terms the Process is all about the doing and what people can actually gain by being involved in our projects. It's about learning whilst enjoying and how we make a positive difference in people's lives by giving them the chance to develop their confidence, life skills and become involved in an interesting and stimulating pastime. It's about obtaining  or enhancing their specific production skills (e.g. directing, camera, sound, locations, production management, animation, acting, editing, hair & makeup, costume, set design) and wider ranging soft skills which can then be transferable to every aspect of their lives including employability and social interaction. 

The Product is all about what they get to say and show that is important or exciting to them. We won't dictate what they choose to talk about but we will encourage them, through active planning and participation, to explore important but often under-represented social issues and causes, to think about their responses, openly express themselves and develop their personal knowledge, skills and self-confidence. Alongside your main community partner, The Wales Millennium Centre', we strive to provide them with the platform to have their say and express their views. 

You can get hold of us via our 'CONTACT' page if you would like to offer huge wadges of cash, pick our brains, make suggestions, get involved

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